Joerg Steineck is a German filmmaker, illustrator and painter based in Berlin.

Over the last 10 years he produced various independent, award-winning documentaries and films that have been well received by an international audience.

“While filmmaking is more of a time consuming and rather intangible activity, painting and drawing will always be my biggest and most rewarding passion.” JS
Born in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, 1979.
2002-08 Study of Communication Design & Media, HS Wismar, GER
2005-06 Study of Film and Design, San Diego State University, San Diego, CA, USA
2006-07 Freelancer at Markenfilm, Hamburg, HH, GER
2008 Graduation (diploma) ‘Communication Design’, HS Wismar, GER
2008- Filmmaker / illustrator / painter based in Berlin, GER
2001 Solo exhibition, “various paintings” at “Cafe Schaefer”, Bottrop, GER
2003 Collective painting / video exhibition at “Baumhaus Gallery” Wismar, GER
2016-17 Solo painting exhibition at “Spajz”, Hamburg, GER

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